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Apex laboratory equipment started with an aim to serve the institutions and industries with quality laboratory products. We, with our experience undertakes manufacturing of almost any custom-built requirements of special design to suit customers application in laboratory equipment. 


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  • timthumb Autoclave Vertical
  • timthumb Autoclave Horizontal
  • timthumb Autoclave Deluxe
  • timthumb Ball Mill
  • timthumb Circulation Water Bath
  • timthumb Constant Temperature Bath
  • timthumb Low Temp. Bath (Cryostat)
  • timthumb Water Bath (Single Walled...
  • timthumb Water Bath (Double Walled...
  • timthumb Seriological Water Bath
  • timthumb Water Bath Shaker
  • timthumb Environmental Chamber / C...
  • timthumb High Heat Load Shedding C...
  • timthumb Hot Cold Chamber
  • timthumb Humidity Chamber
  • timthumb Deep Freezer (Horizontal)
  • timthumb Deep Freezer (Vertical)
  • timthumb Tray Drier
  • timthumb Vacuum Tray Drier
  • timthumb Annealing Furnace
  • timthumb Crucible / Fusion Furnace...
  • timthumb Electric Tunnel Furnace
  • timthumb Electrical Grooved Muffle...
  • timthumb Electrical Muffle Furnace
  • timthumb High Temperature Furnace ...
  • timthumb High Temperature Tubular ...
  • timthumb Molybdenum Di Silicate Fu...
  • timthumb Rotating Furnace
  • timthumb Split Type Furnace
  • timthumb B.O.D. Incubator
  • timthumb Bacteriological Incubator
  • timthumb Electrical aging oven
  • timthumb Baking Oven
  • timthumb Curing Oven
  • timthumb Vacuum Oven
  • timthumb Rotating Chemical / Powde...
  • timthumb Orbital Shaker
  • timthumb Hot Air Oven (Industrial ...

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