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HYDROCONS is one of the leading company in the field of water treatment with proven experties in India and abroad. The company offers complete range of custom designed modules with optimum designs to optimum capital cost and operating cost. We offer the latest concepts of water treatment technology to meet the stringent water quality standards requirement

About Us

HYDROCONS is one of the leading company in the field of water treatment executing jobs in India & abroad.

The company offers complete range of custom designed water treatment plants.

We offer the latest technology concepts in the field of water treatment to generate high purity water to meet customer’s stringent water quality standards.

Our commitment is to deliver optimized design modules to reduce capital cost, operating cost, remain in compliance & manage the process better.

Our product range includes chemical & hot water sanitizable ultra filtration systems, chemical & hot water sanitizable RO – EDI system with PVDF piping & sanitary fitting. System complies 21 CFR part II & backed up with complete validation documents.

Hydrocons strive to exceed customer’s expectation in all respect of product reliability, performance, execution & service backup through the process of continuous improvement.

The Marketing & Design departments play a vital role in developing and supporting the customers with Hydrocons Products. The undoubted success is based upon extensive basic & detailed in-house engineering department, which with its technical competence carries out effective water treatment operations.

Hydrocons Water Treatment Equipment includes :

  •   Clarifier System
  •   Pressure Quartz Filter
  •   Activated Carbon Filter
  •   Iron Removal Filter
  •   Softeners
  •   De – Mineralisation System
  •   Ultrafiltration System
  •   Reverse Osmosis System
  •   Electro-Deionisation System
  •   Purified Water Storage & Distribution System

Not content with today’s success Hydrocons, is constantly looking to develop new & improved products & techniques to meet rigorous demands of rapidly changing Industry.

Why Water Treatment
Water in its pure state is one of the most aggressive solvent known. Called the “Universal solvent” water to a certain degree, will dissolve virtually everything else to which it is exposed. Due to this it is never found in a pure state in nature. As it falls through the atmosphere in form of rain, dissolves gases, in particular oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide & other acids gases. In fact when the rain water reaches the ground it is in fact a mixture of dilute acids. At ground level the acids can have a dissolving action on the rocks, thus taking minerals matter into solution. The amount & type of minerals dissolved depends upon the variety of the rock encountered. In limestone or chalk areas the principal minerals are Calcium & magnesium carbonaes. These are acted upon by the acids in rain to produce principally calcium & magnesium bicarbonates & calcium and magnesium sulphates. Lesser amount of chlorine & nitrates are also found. Other minerals taken into solution include iron, aluminum, sodium and become alkaline. In areas where the principle rock type is granite, the solvent action of the rain is much less. All this contributes to the increase in total dissolved solids total hardness and suspended solids, in the way. Hence water treatment is most essential to generate water of desired quality depending upon the end use.

System Innovation

Technology & Innovation has been main moto of the company. Hydrocons installed a Demineralization System (DM) based on World’s latest concept of Resin technology for Steel Authority of India, which is India’s Largest Steel Manufacturing Company. The Demineralization system consists of Monosphere Resins in Ion Exchange Vessels. The DM System generates conductivity less than 1.0 us/cm without mixed bed.

Hydrocons offers Monosphere Resins for softening & DM systems to reduce capital cost, Operating cost & effluent generation.

The Company has also installed DM system which do not require acid & alkali for regeneration. Hence the system is Zero effluent discharge system. This system is installed for the world’s Largest & renowned company “Mico Bosch Ltd”.

We deliver RO-EDI & Distribution systems with George Fischer (Switzerland) make PVDF piping.

Our research team is in process of development of single vessel to generate DM water


Hydrocons  provides Technical Support, Service & Maintenance and Spare Parts for many customers, and not only those who have purchased equipment from us.

Our twin philosophies of “cradle-to-grave” support and fairness in all we do has found favour with many companies, including some who have received less than satisfactory service from other providers.

Technical Support

No matter how well the plant is designed, and no matter how well it works now, it is virtually inevitable that something will change in the future.

The most common changes are:

  • Process alterations
  • Personnel leaving
  • Reduction in Consent to Discharge / Increase in Quality requirement

At such times, it is necessary to either review the design of the plant to ensure that it will perform as required or perhaps just invest a small amount of time to train new personnel or even provide refresher training for existing staff.

We are always mindful that, for our customers, our equipment is not the reason they are in business, but just a necessary part of it. It is therefore essential that water treatment system operates efficiently in the background, leaving you free to concentrate on production.

Service & Maintenance 

Most of our customers are happy to operate and maintain their treatment systems on a day-to-day basis. However, most companies also find it very useful if one of our engineers visit every few months to give the entire plant a “health check” and address any minor training issues at the same time. This service is not expensive, but it does help to ensure that the system continues to operate efficiently leaving you to concentrate on production. In addition, some plants require occasional specialist maintenance work that we can provide on a pre-planned basis.

Spare Parts

We supply a lot of spare parts for a wide variety of clients. Our prices compare favourably with those you can obtain from the same suppliers. The advantage for you is that we have the staff available to do the purchasing and they know what they are buying. We also carry certain spare parts in stock and can therefore arrange very rapid deliveries.

Whatever your need is, please just talk to us. You have nothing to lose and potentially quite a lot to gain!


  • Drinking Water RO System

  • UltrafiltrationSystem

  • Purified Water Storage & Distribution System

  • Demineralisation System

Enquiry / Contact Us

Hydrocons Systems Private Limited

Mr. Kiran Mokashi


Unit No - 6, New India Industrial Estate, Near Paper Box, Off. Mahakali Caves Road, Near Girikunj Ind. Estate, Andheri East