Ionpure® Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) products for Water Purification

Evoqua’s state-of-the-art Ionpure® water purification modules use resin, electricity, and ion-exchange membranes to deionize water by separating the impurities from it. It’s a chemical free, self-regenerating technology used to provide a consistent flow of high-quality deionized water.

Specification :

Typically >17 M?-cm product water quality at nominal flow Largest flow per CEDI module with maximum flow rates of 22.7 m³/h (100 gpm) on VNX-Max and 17.9 m³/h (79.2 gpm) for VNX-Mini 1 ppm maximum feed water hardness (as CaCO3) On-board junction box PVC connection fittings and port plugs included Robust, leak-free design with standard 3-year* war...